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Argyle Craft Malts and Hops is now open!

We are a small, family owned endeavor that proudly focuses on bringing fresh, quality products to the NY brewing community (But don't fret if you're not from NY. We'll ship just about anywhere). We've been working hard to grow the best tasting barley and hops you can find, so you can brew the best tasting craft brews possible.



A little bit about us...

Argyle Craft Malts & Hops is a Farm Malthouse & Hops growing business located in the small town of Argyle, which is located at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains in Washington County,  New York.  Argyle is home to a variety of Agriculture related businesses.

Argyle CM&H is a culmination of over 2 years of research and planning by Rick & Lisa Dennis, Rick is a Farmer and Carpenter, and Lisa does home care for disabled and end of life folks in the community.

They attribute all they have to their Faith and the love of Family and Friends,  They look forward to making new friends as they get to know the area's many Craft Brewers.       


“We are eager to start providing quality Local Malts and Hops and Building Relationships with the Craft Beverage Community.” 

— Rick Dennis, founder